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A mobile app for living in the moment

Vivre is a location-based social media app that spurs social interaction between like-minded individuals. Whether they're looking to date, hang out, get some food, or go to a show, Vivre helps bring people together beyond the screen.

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design

An identity of intersection

The name Vivre, of French entomology, meaning "to live," is an embodiment of the brand vision — helping to bring people together. The logomark is an intersection of two circles, symbolizing the connection between people.

Vivre brand Identity and logo design
Vivre persona creation collage

Share a moment

Featuring high-quality photos and short, captivating videos, Vivre Moments provide an elegant backbone for the app experience by letting users view moments around them in a scrollable feed and connect with other users of interest.

Chicago based Image on phone for Vivre app development
Vivre moments - images from the mobile application design

Make connections at the places you love

Vivre Locations lets users meet each other anywhere, at places they frequent or at unexplored locales. By viewing others' profiles, users learn about top visited locations and places of shared interest. A Chat feature helps users meet with confidence by handling initial introductions beforehand.

Share your awesome moments.
Connect with like-minded people.
Go out and live.

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