Wireframe for custom web development in Blue


A business process becomes an app

Pitchbook is an online catalog and tool for sales teams to generate leave-behind documents and presentations while meeting with their clients. Team members can add images and notes and share the presentations as slideshows or PDFs. Pitchbook has significantly decreased production time for new sales follow-ups and reduced the margin for error, all while in a tidy, branded package.

  • Strategy and Ideation
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Front-End Implementation
  • Back-End Development

Defining the idea and validating the need

After speaking with customers that repeatedly expressed the need to present assets in a simple, branded package, the idea for Pitchbook was born. We outlined the concept and iteratively sketched and shared ideas with users. With their feedback, we refined the purpose and validated the need.

Wireframes drawn in blue pen for custom application development

Test, refine and test again

With the plan in place and validation of our concept, we created a clickable mockup. Our users were then able to walk through the app on their devices and provide immediate feedback. Some features were refined, some redesigned. Interactions were tested over and over again until the working version was rock solid.

Pitchbook full design in black and grey

Creating a functional brand

With a working prototype, our design team created a branded interface and custom icon set. The result was a clean, smart user interface and functional experience that addresses a clear business need.

Pitchbooks mobile app development collage

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