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Maple & Ash

The steakhouse done right

Maple & Ash, named for the two woods used to fire steaks, chops, and everything else Chef Danny Grant can think of, came to us for help developing the brand for their innovative steakhouse. After a competitive audit and in-depth conversations with the Maple & Ash team, we concluded that the spirit of the restaurant was authentic, celebratory, and bold. These guiding principles would inform every design decision as we set out to create a world-class brand.

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Developing a brand, literally

Through several collaborative work sessions with the Maple & Ash team, we created an aesthetic that feels part classic steakhouse, part fashion brand. The mark is a monogram, reminiscent of a cattle brand, the very origin of the word brand, yet drawn with sophistication as if it exists on a finely tailored suit. The clean lines and sharp corners form a modern, geometric shape that is symmetrical yet deviant — a strong yet sexy base upon which to build the brand.

Image of bartender at Chicago restaurant for web design use
Maple and Ash - Chicago restaurant branding and design consulting
Additional collateral branding materials for Chicago restaurant
Image of a custom designed cocktail menu for popular Chicago bar

Refined irreverence

With menu items like baller seafood platters and the “I Don’t Give a F*@k” tasting menu that kicks off with caviar bumps and champagne shots, Maple & Ash celebrates classic conventions in unexpected and delightful ways, all in the name of creating celebratory and memorable moments for their guests. We strove to echo this in all aspects of the design, from refined art-deco inspired patterns, to bold typographic combinations, to playful illustration and imagery.

Inviting atmosphere in high end steakhouse in Chicago
Maple & Ash new menu and modern design
Business card design for Maple and Ash

The proof is in the praise

Maple & Ash has been praised as the hottest restaurant in Chicago by Conde Nast, and has received numerous other accolades from top national publications, including Wallpaper, Wall Street Journal and Eater.

Website design table reservation page for Maple and Ash Chicago
  • 31,869 reservations since opening
  • Prominently featured in 21 publications
  • 102,506 customers served

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